Is your company launching an ICO? Want us to cover the ICO on our site? Need help with your ICO?

In addition to our reviews, CryptoRated operates an ICO Accelerator. The accelerator works to prepare you and your company for your upcoming ICO, and to improve your ICO’s chances for success. We combine consulting services and our ICO expertise into actionable advice.

We do not alter reviews as part of this program. Rather, based on the review process and additional investigation, we advise ICOs on how to improve prior to their launch. Our primary objective will always be to keep our reviews unbiased and trusted by the crypto community.



Timeframe: 1-2 weeks

Cost: 2 BTC

Benefits: You’ll know exactly where you stand and will be ready to begin your ICO.

Program includes:

  • A detailed ICO review of the whitepaper, team, technology, market approach, competitive scanning and ICO structure.
  • 10 hours of consulting and help to improve all items found in the review.
  • A full checklist of To-Do’s in order to conduct an ICO.

At the end of the orientation phase, you will have a much better idea of where and how you wish to proceed. We, too, will have a better idea of your success chances and our possible value to your project. The next phase, subject to a mutual agreement, will be to proceed to the Accelerator Program.  



Timeframe: 3 Months

Cost: Custom quote.

Benefits: Full guidance throughout the process towards successful completion of the ICO.

Program Includes:

  • Assistance with site design, setup, and optimization.
  • Distribution and discussion management on social media and relevant discussion groups.
  • Community Management and Bounty Program Management.
  • Advertising package at CryptoRated.
  • Technology Consulting.
  • 50 hours of “open-ended” consulting.
  • Presale Management  (Wallet management, security, investor relations and intros).
  • Partner Matching (Legal, Technology, Marketing, Advisors).

The exact scope of the Acceleration phase is customized per ICO at the conclusion of the orientation phase.


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