ICO Ratings Calculator

Score ICOs yourself using our standardized scorecard - the same one used for all CryptoRated ratings.

It's easy to use, self-explanatory, and will put the unvarnished truth right in front of your eyes.

Rate the ICO along seven categories:

  • Whitepaper quality
  • Product offering
  • Use of blockchain technology
  • Development Roadmap
  • Company & Team
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Terms of the Token Sale

Each category is an aggregate of five essential, category-specific items.

Each item is scored on a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best), with examples given for the kind of impression that relates to each score.

The category score is an average of its five item scores.

The overall rating for the ICO is made up of all the category ratings.

You can use a simple average, or a weighted average, where you assign weights to the different categories reflecting the relative importance you place on each one.

While the item scores themselves are based on your impression and therefore subjective, the overall effect is to organize the evaluation and provide a systematic, self-consistent measure.

This allows you to assess ICOs and compare them to one another, on the same terms.

Ratings on a Curve

We understand that it is important to look at each individual ICO within the larger picture of the ICO industry as a whole.

We took all the ICOs that we have reviewed to date and distributed it along a graph to see where they stand compared to a normal distribution curve.  The blue graph on the right is CryptoRated’s rating distribution, from which we calculate the mean and standard deviation (along with the median and mode), which are the parameters used for the normal distribution in red.

Using a normal distribution to evaluate ICO ratings.

The rating averages currently range from 1.34 to 4.28, leaving the extremes (near 1 and 5) unpopulated. Rating on a curve means that the final ratings are given according to the parameters of the normal (or other) distribution, which are themselves calculated from the sample data.

From the normal distribution, we calculate the cumulative distribution, and use it to calculate the adjusted rating corresponding to each raw rating. This will turn a 4.1 (and above) into a 4.9xx, and a 1.8 (and below) into a 1.0xx.

It's easy to use, self-explanatory, and will put the unvarnished truth right in front of your eyes.

4 thoughts on “ICO Ratings Calculator

  1. bambang arief Reply

    Great job team! When I’m interesting to join an ICO, I was thinking a project assessment but I don’t have idea what should be fully listed as parameter. The ICO Rating Scorecard is very helpful, it guides investor and have a big picture about risk and opportunity of an ICO. Further, they can proportionally adjust their own fund shall be invested, let’s call as ICO Portfolio.

  2. lekmol Reply

    This is next to none analysis i am able to come by online. You guys are doing very great job. Wao, keep it up and even go ahead to use the scoecard in rating the ICO’s on a more practical way. By any means keep updating people with this good knowledge and even move the ratings to cryptos themselve!!!

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