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Here at CryptoRated, ICOs are rated using a standardized scorecard, developed as a means of evaluating and comparing ICOs systematically and consistently, on the same terms and accounting for the same necessary fundamentals. (It’s also colorful and fun to use.)


The scorecard facilitates rating each ICO along seven categories: whitepaper quality, product offering, use of blockchain technology, development roadmap, company/team, regulatory compliance, and token sale structure. Each category is an aggregate of five essential, category-specific items, including the quality of the business plan and technology presentations (in the whitepaper), the concreteness and feasibility of the project’s plans (in the development roadmap), the skill set relevance and balance (of the team), the need for a custom token and the level of system decentralization (in the use of blockchain technology), the value of the token as a utility and/or as a security (in regulatory compliance), and more. Each item is scored by the reviewer on a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best), with examples given for the kind of impression that relates to each score. These scores combined provide a rating for each of the seven categories, which in turn make up the overall average rating for the ICO.

While the item scores themselves are based on the reviewer’s impression and therefore subjective, the overall effect is to provide a relatively objective, consistent measure, by directing the reviewer’s attention to the necessary aspects of the evaluation, and by organizing the way in which these aspects are evaluated. When treated with sincerity and respect, this scorecard provides anyone evaluating or comparing ICOs with a systematic, uncompromising means of doing so.

This is the (new!) second version of our scorecard, and while it addresses the same categories and uses the same methodology as the first (meaning there shouldn’t be too much of a problem comparing ratings given by the different versions), it improves upon the first by being leaner, more focused, and easier to understand and use. You are welcome to use the scorecard, adapt it to your needs, and help us make it even better. To give us feedback or make suggestions, post your comments here on the message board or contact us.

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  1. bambang arief Reply

    Great job team! When I’m interesting to join an ICO, I was thinking a project assessment but I don’t have idea what should be fully listed as parameter. The ICO Rating Scorecard is very helpful, it guides investor and have a big picture about risk and opportunity of an ICO. Further, they can proportionally adjust their own fund shall be invested, let’s call as ICO Portfolio.

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