• International MultiModal Logistic Application


IMMLA is developing a multimodal deliveries service with a decentralized control system for transportation, document flow, and payments. The IMMLA ecosystem employs a Dutch auction of carriers to offer the best possible prices as well as GPS cargo monitoring and insurance to make delivery safe and transparent. IMMLA utilizes Ethereum blockchain-based smart contracts to eliminate the risk of unfair business practices and/or non-performance of the delivery contract. The IMMLA platform does require user identification to ensure legality – both cargo owners and freight carriers need to register on the platform before use.

Utilizing a blockchain-based system ensures that the terms of shipment and the condition of the cargo at the time of transfer of responsibility, as well as the cargo’s route and location at various times, are immutably recorded. It also guarantees payment to the carrier upon delivery or insurance payment to the cargo owner. IMMLA will provide a fully automated workflow service, including online cargo tracking. MMLA’s monetization strategy is via a 1% fee for services rendered, which goes to the redemption and burning of tokens.


IMMLA’s platform will utilize a microservice architecture relying on third-party implementations for analysis and bid recommendations, smart contract management, and delivery tracking. The whitepaper suggests using the Sovrin ledger system for identity management and a solution such as Chronicled.org’s open registry for IoT integration.

IMMLA plans to launch its platform with auto and ocean transport modules on the Russian trucking and sea container market in 2018, aiming for $1 million in revenue by the end of that year. This is to be followed by expansion into the CIS countries, along with air transportation and customs modules, and $10 million in revenue by the end of 2019. The third step is to localize in Europe and China with added warehouse and forwarding modules, and $25 million in revenue by the end of 2020. After that, IMMLA plans to reach $50 million in revenue by 2021, and $100 million by 2022, with continued expansion in Asia and the addition of a railway module. By 2023, IMMLA aims to be operating worldwide.


  • Mikhail Astakhov, founder, also partner in Aistlog.ru, a Russian company whose core business is domestic and international overland, sea and air transportation services. Previously first deputy chairman of the Management Board Logistic Advisor at FSK-EES or Federal Grid, the operator and manager of Russia’s unified electricity transmission grid system.
  • Kirill Tulenev, executive director, also vice chairman of the Technical Committee for Standardization “Water transport” (ISO) in Russia.
  • Viacheslav Neunyvakin, IT director and co-founder, also CEO and founder of SBSolutions, which delivers IT for logistics, transport, and customs, also in Russia.
  • Vitaliy Sosnovskiy, senior developer, also a developer at SBSolutions.
  • Vitaliy Stepanov, development director.
  • Ninel Tufino-Gerlakas, leading analyst.
  • Valeria Rasulova, ICO project manager.
  • Pavel Drobintsev, technical advisor, also head of department at Saint-Petersburg State Politechnical University.
  • Alexander Gromov, logistics advisor, also director of IT, BPM & QM at Hellmann East Europe Russia.
  • Michael Hess, logistics advisor, also Geschäftsführer at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.
  • Denis Smirnov, blockchain advisor, also consultant on SONM and country ambassador at Lisk.

In addition, Formag Forwarding, a Russian branch of international group Global Transport Investments (GTI), is an international logistics advisor and partner.

Crowdsale Details

Token Sale Dates 15-September to 15-October
Total Supply Announced total supply of IML tokens is 226,736,000, of which 75% (170,052,000) will be available for sale at ICO.

IMMLA will redeem & burn tokens at the expense of 36% of transportation revenue.

Maximum Raise No hard cap; as calculated by selling all IML tokens.
Pricing Structure 1 ЕТН = 3640 IML

1 IML = 0,000275 ЕТН

Holding of Funds ICO funds held in escrow in a multi-signature wallet.

Founder tokens locked down for 5 months.

Project Highlights

Technical White Paper       https://immla.io/IMMLA_WP.pdf

Difficult to read but covers the market, business model, use cases, workflow, and data model. Does not go much into technical details, or address issues of security and dispute resolution. Also, it is not clear how the tokens are meant to circulate.

Team Appears to be very involved in the industry.
Location Russia
Blockchain Ethereum
Project Code Token sale related: https://github.com/IMMLA

Project does not appear to be open source.

Prototype N/A
Token Rights Payment on the IMMLA platform.

*Disclosure – At the time of writing, cryptorated staff owned no IMMLA tokens.

Interested in deeper analysis – IMMLA?


Crowdsale Details

Project Highlights

Coming soon.....

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