Upcoming ICOs in March

Here are some of the upcoming ICOs to look at this March. To learn more about them, we used community-based ICO rating platform CryptoRated, which engages the community to rate and review each company using a standardized, transparent rating system. Some of the ICOs mentioned in this article were already reviewed, while others are expected to be reviewed according to the community’s demand.


PumaPay is developing a payment protocol called PullPayment, which utilizes “a new architecture of contract called “PullContract””, to enable new blockchain-based billing methodologies and thus to provide an optimized payment processing solution suitable to the present-day needs of global commerce. The PullPayment protocol is being designed to overcome existing online payment problems and to offer tools for merchant and customer onboarding processes. It is planned to be a free, open-source project, built around a customizable chain of contracts that govern transaction behavior, so as to accommodate transactions both simple and complex (e.g., recurring, pay-per-use, split, restricted, exchange-rate corrected). Businesses will be able to use the protocol’s payment mechanism as is, or modify it to suit their needs. Third parties will be able to build additional services on top of the protocol and contribute to the PumaPay ecosystem.

The company says that “Through our Launch Partners, the protocol will plug into industries with tens of thousands of daily customers throughout numerous markets. PumaPay brings an incredible amount of users into the crypto space by connecting the blockchain to the real world.” Primary launch partners appear to be ImLive.com, an adult entertainment website (charging customers on a pay-per-minute basis for private live shows), and ChatMaker, a messenger app that allows businesses to send targeted direct messages to users. Overall, it seems as though PumaPay is developing an Ethereum based token with smart contract functionality particularly suited to adult entertainment, seeing as it’s primary early adopters come from the industry.

Visit PumaPay

Presale: Open until further notice
Token Sale Dates: Unannounced


Auctus aims to be a global investment platform that gives users control over their retirement plan by allowing the creation of optimized portfolios of bonds, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, providing the information necessary to make well-informed decisions, using blockchain to increase transparency and automation, and ultimately increasing trust towards the chosen retirement plan. Transparency and automation are to be integral aspects of the platform, which is intended to include robo advisory services and a dedicated marketplace.
Competitors: Dropil, Tontine Trust, Bitcoin IRA, Merril Lynch, Fildelity
Uniqueness/Advantages to competition: Aims to be a fully decentralized, complete retirement investment platform, capable o managing various types of assets including cryptocurrencies.

See Auctus review here.

Curved Rating: 4.8
Token Sale Dates: 27. Mar 2018 — 31. Mar 2018


The Fan-Controlled Football League (FCFL) is a sports league that allows fans to engage with their team directly in a number of ways, including the ability to draft players, hire/fire coaches, and call plays in real time – all using FAN tokens. Fans can earn FAN tokens by watching games, calling plays, and other platform activities, and fans of the winning team receive a portion of the championship prize pool.

See FCFL review here.

Curved Rating: 3.4
Token Sale Dates: 20. Mar 2018 — 31. Mar 2018

Open Collectors Network

Open Collectors Network aims to be a decentralized platform for one-of-a-kind tokens (non-fungible), where platform users can own, create, customize, interact with and trade individual tokens, on an open market, based on existing standard specifications (ERC721). In time, as increasingly more tokens are created on the platform, the early or popular ones will appreciate in value, enabling their owner to auction them to the highest bidder for a profit. All creation and trading operations on the platform will have a nominal fee associated with them, the proceeds from which will be shared with the holders of the Open Collectors Network platform’s own utility token: the ECTO token.

Competitors: Winding Tree, CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks, 0x, OpenSea, Stellar Lumens
Uniqueness/Advantages to competition: Can create non-fungible token and trade it on the same platform.

See Open Collectors Network review here.

Curved Rating: 4.2
Token Sale Dates: 31. Mar 2018 — Undisclosed

  • This is not an investments advice. We strongly encourage preforming extensive due-diligence before participating in any ICO.

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