Upcoming ICOs in February

Here are some of the upcoming ICOs to look at this February. To learn more about them, we used community-based ICO rating platform CryptoRated, which engages the community to rate and review each company using a standardized, transparent rating system. Some of the ICOs mentioned in this article were already reviewed, while others are expected to be reviewed according to the community’s demand.


The dock.io protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol, intended to incentivize the exchange of shareable personal data, with a focus on professional information such as work experience, connections, and reviews. Dock.io is poised to disrupt the space of centralized professional networks such as LinkedIn, Upwork, or Glassdoor, and the fragmented user experience they provide, by enabling users to have control over their data and share it easily across applications, without being bound to any particular platform. Using the dock.io app, users will input signed and verified content and choose where it, as well as data received from other platforms in their name, is shared. Applications will be required to pay other applications with tokens in order to access their user based data. Only applications, not users, will be monetarily incentivized to share data; users will benefit from having control over their data. Dock.io is developed by Remote.com, a platform that connects professionals with remote and freelance jobs using artificial intelligence, with over 2 million users. Integration of dock.io with Remote.com (as well as additional unspecified partners) is planned for Q2-2018.

See dock.io review here.

Curved Rating: 4.8
Whitelist: Today – 21. Feb 2018
Token Sale Dates: 22. Jan 2018 — 22. Feb 2018
Max Cap: 20,000,000 USD


Remme plans to eliminate annoyances and security risks that are involved with authentication protocols that require the user to input a password or a pin. The team’s plan is the create a distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocol, operated using a proof-of-service consensus algorithm on the Ethereum blockchain. Individuals will be able to use the Remme service for free, which will authenticate users more easily and more securly compared to traditional authentication methods. Companies will pay to use the services provided by Remme which provide a better user experience on the organization’s platform.

See REMME review here.

Curved Rating: 3.8
Token Sale Dates: 13. Feb 2018 — 13. Mar 2018


Cryptyk plans to change the way we think about cyber-security and cloud storage by developing a decentralized file storage platform that will allow for auditing and monitoring – user behavior and all file transfers owned by the enterprise will be allowed to be monitored by enterprise administrators. Cryptyk aims to provide the most secure cloud storage service compared to its competitors.

Cryptyk aims to target enterprise users and small businesses that enjoy the ease of use and convenience of cloud storage while reducing costs associated with cyber security. Cryptyk claims that compared to its competitors in the blockchain ecosystem (Sia, Filecoin, Storj), it will be able to provide low latency access for its users which would be comparable to conventional cloud storage services (200 milliseconds). However, Cryptyk states that it is compromising decentralization in order to reduce latency. They will “compromise between minimal attack surface and low latency is for a node number around 5 storage nodes”, compared to its competitors, such as Filecoin with 20-50 nodes and BTC/ETH with thousands of nodes.

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Curved Rating: 4.0
Token Sale Dates: 13. Feb 2018 — 13. Mar 2018

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