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There’s a brand new entry into the cryptocurrency market and it’s turning conventional cryptocurrencies on their heads. Assetereum calls itself asset backed and may well be the answer to the problem of dramatic price fluctuations which are typical of bitcoin, Ethereum and other big players in the market.

Assetereum is an ERC20 Token backed by real assets to give it an intrinsic value. The purpose of this is to increase stability, as the token price is not based solely on supply and demand. The company’s portfolio includes real estate, crypto-mining, crypto-trading, commercial energy brokering, an online shopping platform and social enterprises. The idea is to diversify investments to mitigate the risks involved.

As well as providing the coin with a base value, these assets have the potential to generate substantial revenue streams. Part of this income is then paid as profits to the token holder and the rest is reinvested into the asset, with the aim of increasing the value of the coin.

The new coin has captured the attention of some big names in sport; former snooker World Champion Joe Johnson is the brand ambassador for the company, while Stephen Hendry, who was the youngest-ever snooker World Champion at age 21, is also a vocal supporter.

The company is the official sponsor of the World Senior Snooker Championship 2018. This is the first time that cryptocurrency is being offered as part of the prize money for a major sporting event, with tokens being awarded for first prize, second prize and the highest break.

Eleven million of the tokens have already sold, with many people taking advantage of the discounted seed investment stage, which began on 1 March. Tokens are currently $0.45 each until 28 March, with bonus tokens on offer for those who purchase more than 500 tokens.

The UK-based company has been founded by Andy Papaiacovou, who has already had great success in the utilities and online shopping market. He tells us, “Even though there are over 1,500 cryptocurrencies out there right now, most of the values are simply based on supply and demand. That’s why the volatility of the market makes it almost impossible to know which ones to buy. But Assetereum is different. It’s not only a transfer of value but also a store of value and a potential source of revenue.”

Listed below are the prices for the different stages of the 2018 tokens sale:

Seed Investment – ENDED $0.38

Pre-ICO, 15 Mar – 28 Mar $0.45

ICO Stage 1, 29 Mar – 11 Apr $0.50

ICO Stage 2, 12 Apr – 25 Apr $0.55

ICO Stage 3, 26 Apr – 9th May $0.60

You can also get bonus tokens depending on how many tokens you purchase.

  • 501 – 1,000 tokens: 5% bonus
  • 1,001 – 2,000 tokens: 7% bonus
  • 2,001 – 5,000 tokens: 10% bonus
  • 5,001 – 10,000 tokens: 15% bonus
  • Over 10,001 tokens: 20% bonus

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  1. Darin Brooks Reply

    Assetereum in my opinion is a money grab ico for the people who are running it. If you look at telegram groups of other ico’s you will find members who all really understand cryptocurrency markets. This ico group is filled with people who seem to be interested in multi level marketing schemes but lack crypto knowledge. They all seem to believe that aset tokens will be some rival to Bitcoin !!
    Not a single person in this group is aware that crypto markets are collapsing in the last 3 weeks and all altcoins are down between 60% to 90% of their value.
    Firstly the assetereum group will not pay for it to be listed on decent exchanges because it costs 100’s of thousands of pounds, they will let it list on decentralised exchanges like Idex or Ethee Delta, where listing is FREE (these are exchanges where even experienced crypto people try to avoid). Just ask the admin in their group and they wont give you the name of an exchange where they have applied (this should set off alarm bells). When listed on an exchange the value of asset token will be a couple of cents only as the token metrics dont add up. Even the founder Ababil Sher has resigned as Director, in the middle of the ICO, check companies house, his image has been scribbed from assetereum website as well, probably because he wants to avoid legal liability later.
    If you invest in this ico you will seriously get burned. Even decent ico’s fail, in fact 52% of all ico fail in first year.
    If you are really interested in this ico, best advice is to wait for it to list on an exchange and buy it there for a tiny fraction of what they are asking for in the ico
    They even copied the ethereum logo and coloured it differently !

    • Andrew Learmonth Reply

      Oh give it a rest Darin! You’ve been cruising around Youtube posting the same disingenuous rubbish like you’ve got a personal grudge against the token.
      Every coin or token that just starts is never immediately posted on certain exchanges, until it’s been up and running for a considerable amount of time! The token has barely just started. Anyone with half a brain in the crypto world knows new coins are a risk, it goes with the territory.
      What you’re doing it spreading FUD!! For no real reason except to try and denigrate something that has only just crossed the starting line.
      “Not a single person in this group is aware that crypto markets are collapsing in the last 3 weeks and all altcoins are down between 60% to 90% of their value” Can you actually hear how ridiculous you sound? Crypto goes up and down all the time. Guess what? It’s been up and down several times since you posted this nonsense.
      You must be a very naive individual if you actually believe what you’re saying. The whole world knows all coins were taking a beating back then. You talk as if you know something the rest of us didn’t know about.
      So their logo is similar, a fair few coins and tokens have a similar design! It means absolutely nothing, unless you overthink it in a conspiracy frame of mind.

      You don’t seem to understand cryptocurrency if you think alarm bells should be ringing.
      I’m sure anyone who reads your paragraph will be shaking their head the way I am, and would need to ask themselves if they’d pay any attention to someone who can even tell the difference between “were” and “where”
      You should stop making yourself look incredibly silly.

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