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DeskBell Chain: a new dawn in the tourism industry

In the modern tourism industry, a completely new project has appeared, which significantly changes the perception of this industry and opens up great opportunities for all its participants. The blockchain platform  DeskBell Chain positions itself as the first and unique free technological complex for the global hotel industry in its kind. Such a specific and large-scale approach will allow this service to claim the elimination of imbalance in tourism that arose between the vast resources of hotel booking and the internal hotel information support, which still does not have a single digital standard.

On the one hand, DeskBell Chain is based on the existing DeskBell service for the hotels. On the other hand, it is based on the Ethereum blockchain technologies. The platform offers a special scheme of interaction between hotels, their guests and representatives of the local tourist business. The developers called this concept an ecosystem of mutual motivation. This means that all participants are the elements of this ecosystem and coexist not in isolation from each other or interacting unilaterally, as it often happens now, but together, on the basis of mutual beneficial exchange of information and services.

The main driving force of the functioning ecosystem is DeskBell Token (DBT), which is the internal currency of the platform. The mechanisms of the ecosystem of mutual motivation will be provided by Ethereum smart contracts, expanding the scope of practical implementation of blockchain technologies in the world.

The relevance and timeliness of the DeskBell Chain platform, which can be implemented and developed in any hotel in the world, is obvious. It allows users to receive not only special offers and discounts, relevant to their interests and preferences, but also rewards in DBT tokens, which can later be used inside DeskBell service for the hotel business and in the ecosystem of mutual exchange. The representatives of the hotel and tourism business, in their turn, get the opportunity to increase the average check by offering additional services, reducing advertising costs and making interaction with customers more simple and convenient.

In order to present an advanced monetization system of the processes in the tourism industry, as well as to conduct a large-scale marketing campaign, the developers plan to present their product on the ICO at the end of April 2018. Prior to this, the company is at the pre-ICO stage.

  • Date of the pre-ICO: March 26 – April 9, 2018
  • Price of the token: 1 ETH / 1 000 DBT
  • Bonus program:
  • 1st week – 15%
  • 2nd week – 7.5%

An important step in the development of the company was expansion of the DeskBell service through the development of the blockchain platform DeskBell Chain. Blockchain technologies will make it possible to meet the objectives of the project more effectively and on a larger scale – making travelling more comfortable, and impressions from it even more vivid.

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