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NeuroChain: AI & The Blockchain

NeuroChain is an Intelligent ecosystem reported to be safer, more reliable, and hundreds of times faster than Blockchain. It is an augmented blockchain powered by collective intelligence, designed to improve the performance and capabilities of distributed systems.

What is NeuroChain?

NeuroChain is an evolution of the Blockchain that integrates machine learning and AI to drastically improve performance and distributed systems capabilities. It’s a technological platform specifically designed to host collective AI applications.

NeuroChain is the future of Blockchain

NeuroChain’s cutting edge technology is based on years of extensive scientific research.  It relies on 4 key concepts taking it above and beyond the regular Blockchain capabilities.

✔ It is powered by INTELLIGENT, ultra-fast, secure and reliable Bots

The Bots act independently, using machine learning algorithms to improve their performance over time.

✔ It is an ECOSYSTEM of collective artificial intelligence

The Bots work seamlessly together thanks to the Proof of Workflow protocol. The entire network of Bots makes up the NeuroChain environment, an ecosystem of connected AI that becomes more robust with use.

✔ It performs better thanks to a clever DECISION protocol

Unlike Blockchain that relies on Proof of Work, which requires an tremendous amount of brute computing power, NeuroChain uses a Proof of Involvement and Integrity protocol to achieve the best performance from a limited number of Bots.

✔ It is an OPEN SOURCE initiative

NeuroChain is designed as a basis on which to build intelligent applications. The power lies in the community that unites under the NeuroChain banner.

NeuroChain’s strengths

  • Intelligent Applications: Forget smart contracts, which force you to determine all the possible outcomes in advance. Think intelligent applications, where AI is now embedded into the contract. From the beginning, NeuroChain’s architecture was designed to carry intelligent applications, hence the scope of potential intelligent applications is endless.
  • Reliability: NeuroChain favors quality over quantity, Intelligent Bots over brute computer processing.
  • Incredible Speed: Thousands of times faster than the regular Blockchain.
  • Security: NeuroChain doesn’t rely on external validation (i.e. mining farms), the consensus comes from within the NeuroChain network.


About US

Based in Paris, France (EU), the NeuroChain project unites experts in their fields – Blockchain, distributed systems, machine learning, big data, security, marketing,… – from many nationalities, around a common goal: to make the world a better place by leveraging the power of NeuroChain. Two core members of the NeuroChain team wrote the first extensive French language book on Blockchain back in 2016.

NeuroChain relies on cutting-edge innovations in consensus, communication, analysis, distributed abstraction and security.

NeuroChain is designed to be very flexible, allowing for a swift implementation of technological innovations. A NeuroChain prototype is already up and running on GitHub.


17 people, founders and advisors. Entrepreneurs and scientists coming from the best universities (Oxford, MIT, Columbia, Ecole Polytechnique),

  • CEO: Frédéric GOUJON, Big Data Architect, Frédéric is an entrepreneur in Business Intelligence and author on blockchain.
  • CTO: Dr Billel CHOULI, Doctor in nuclear physics, Billal is a specialist in distributed Algorithms, Cryptography and Machine Learning
  • CMO: Bruno DELAHAYE, Vice-President Marketing Transformation & Operations Dassault Systèmes, entrepreneur and digital transformation expert.
  • CSO: Patrick GUICHARD,CEO, IT Security Expert and Legal expert at the Paris court of Appeal.
  • CFO : Hugues BONHOMME : Financial and administrative manager Groups / International CFO ADNEOM
  • Renaud ROQUEBERT, Advisor, CEO at LightHouse LHLF, Renaud is a specialist in International Taxation, World Trade Management, Customs & Excise Duties and Green Taxe

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Contact: Bruno DELAHAYE;; 07 87 19 27 76


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