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The Future of Advertising Made Reality with Ubex

Every action we make on the internet is a treasure-trove of information for someone out there. That someone is the advertiser seeking to sell products and services. There is no other effective way to find clients among ever growingly internet-oriented audiences but to employ cookies and other tracking instruments that monitor the behavior of website visitors and compile it into comprehensive analytics that marketers and advertisers use to snipe target audiences.

However, modern technologies have become inefficient and susceptible to fraud. The presence of a variety of intermediaries, many of whom are far from honest, within the advertising industry has led to a visible deterioration of the industry as a whole. As a result, audiences are massively employing ad-blockers to avoid annoying ads that have become irrelevant.

An additional factor breeding inefficiency is the rampant mistrust existing between advertisers and publishers. As advertisers receive poor quality results from ad campaigns, publishers are often left unpaid. The vicious cycle of flagging efficiency of ads and inflating advertising budgets has long been left without a worthy solution until the advent of blockchain technologies.

Ubex is the solution to the seemingly unsolvable issues hampering the development of the advertising industry. The mission of Ubex is to create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of trust. Efficiency for advertisers and publishers, and relevance of ads for targeted audiences will be achieved thanks to the combined application of decentralized blockchain technologies with unlimited data access and processing possibilities, Neural Networks granting intelligent analysis and tracking of market participant dynamics, and Artificial Intelligence for decision-making. Combined with UBEX Token monetization within the internal platform economy ecosystem based on smart contract algorithms, the pioneering mix will ensure complete transparency and immediate payment for concrete results.

Transaction risks are at virtual zero when acquiring advertising slots and selecting the most effective websites for placement via the Ubex platform. The process is simple and convenient as the proprietary ADAM Core AI controls every process. Advertisers automatically receive the desired ad formats on the channels of their choice instantly upon payment in UBEX Tokens. A wide range of criteria for target audience selection ensures maximum relevance of the ad to the customer. Both publishers and advertisers no longer need to fear commission costs associated with various brokers, such as advertising agencies and exchange platforms when working within the Ubex ecosystem.

As a first-tier project aimed at truly changing the world for the better and adding value to all participants of the advertising industry, and entire economies as a whole, Ubex is headed by a constellation of specialists from various industries. Backing the team is an Advisory Board consisting of crypto industry opinion leaders and experts from industry sectors most relevant to the issues plaguing the advertising sector.

With its Roadshow already having attracted significant popularity and attention towards the project, Ubex has an operational product model in the form of an MVP of the exchange platform. The next stage is the launch of extensive testing aimed at enhancing the product for maximizing convenience and availability of functions.

Ubex is unique in many terms, among which is its adherence to complete equality of terms offered to all contributors to the platform throughout its crowdsale campaign that did not include any presales or private sales. Having raised its soft cap in less than a day, Ubex has gained the recognition of dozens of leading blockchain listing and rating agencies that have praised its concept and implementation.

Ubex aims to leave a significant impact on the advertising market by giving its participants the tools they have been craving for and breathe new life into the ever-growing sector that is set to break records in the years to come. And Ubex is set to be at the forefront.

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