Why Cryptorated?

The ICO market is broadly made up of two groups of people – those who believe everything is rosy and those who are skeptical about everything.

We are neither.

At CryptoRated, our job is to carefully scrutinize every ICO to ensure that whoever seeks to invest has all the information needed to make the right judgment call founded on facts and data.

Let’s talk about why CryptoRated is the choice that makes all the difference.

A Team of Market Experts
Our team is made up of professional mathematicians, fintech specialists and cryptocurrency enthusiasts – as dedicated reviewers. Irrespective of the hype surrounding an impending ICO, our team is committed to providing reliable and unbiased reviews backed by our vast experience of evaluating and analyzing ICOs.
By Investors for Investors
CryptoRated is fully involved in the cryptocurrency space and as investors, we are aware of all the risks and opportunities. A false rating doesn’t just affect you, it affects us as well, so we are motivated to always make the right call. We can always be relied upon to carry out a detailed review and in-depth audit to help investors benchmark ICOs in order to make an informed and balanced investment decision. We put our money where our ratings are.
Our Scorecard is Transparent
Every rating you find on our platform will be as accurate as can be Independent reviewers are welcome to confirm the validity of our reporting. Our ratings are free from any influence from the ICO company or any other third-party. Whatever we stamp our approval on is what we value personally.
Start-ups Must First Pass Our Test
Too many investors have been fleeced by companies with empty promises. We want to make sure that any company with an ICO should pass through our scrutiny first. A company not willing to be rated should not have the benefit of your investment.

To be Cryptorated, is to be validated!